It Takes Two, Baby! 3 Tips For Tackling Male Infertility

Posted on: 8 March 2017

The topic of infertility is often focused on females, but male infertility can be a significant problem in conceiving a child. Before heading off to an infertility specialist, trying a few lifestyle and nutritional changes could be what you need to conceive.

Get Your Health In Order

An unhealthy man can equal unhealthy sperm and other infertility concerns. Basic, consistent changes can turn the tide in some cases. For example, achieving a healthy weight is important. Being overweight is associated with decreased testosterone production and increases in estrogen, both of which have negative effects on sexual performance and fertility. Establishing a healthy diet that is filled with vegetables, high-quality protein, and complex carbohydrates is a start.

The same lifestyle changes that can help you achieve a healthy weight can also reduce your risk of chronic diseases or help you manage them if you have already been diagnosed. Chronic diseases are often linked with sexual dysfunction and infertility in men. Other changes you need to make are drinking in moderation and quitting smoking. Excessive drinking and smoking can reduce sperm counts and the quality of sperm.

Use Healthy Stress Reduction

Stress can also affect sexual performance and sperm quality. For many couples, the stress of trying to conceive can make the situation worse. Finding healthy ways of coping with daily stress and try to avoid overthinking conception. Engaging in physical activity is a good way to combat stress while staying in shape. Yoga is an excellent tool for improving health and reducing stress. Another physical activity you should consider are dance classes. Not only are you having a good workout, but it is also a way to involve your partner. Do not be afraid to ask for outside help from a mental health professional. Talking with a neutral party about daily struggles and/or concerns you have with starting a family may be what you need.

Integrate Supplements

Many types of supplements can be important for enhancing fertility, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Amino acids, such as L-carnitine, can enhance sperm counts and sperm motility. Semen, the necessary fluid for sperm to move, is made of many ingredients, such as protein and trace minerals. The combination of amino acids and taking a multivitamin can help with the production of semen and increase sperm motility. No matter the supplements you take, remember it is not a quick fix. Since mature, healthy sperm take months to develop, it will take time to reap the benefits of dietary and lifestyle changes.

Infertility issues are often a two-way street. Doing what you can to improve male infertility can improve your odds at conception. Contact a company like Crown Fertility to learn more.