• The Secrets To Thriving In Beauty School

    Attending beauty school is an important first step in your career in cosmetology. But it's not enough to just show up and follow along every day. In beauty school, you need to really put in the effort in order to learn and grow. If you follow the tips below, you won't just survive beauty school — you'll thrive. 1. Spend time practicing outside of class At most beauty schools, each class will have some designated practice time built into its schedule.
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  • The Facts And Fictions Of Laser Hair Removal

    Is laser hair removal right for you? Before you decide to select or skip this cosmetic service, take a look at the facts versus the fictions. Fact: Lasers Are Really Used The name says it all. This type of removal process really does require the use of a laser to eliminate unwanted hair. A licensed professional uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to damage and destroy the hair follicles.
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