Right Of Passages For Young Men

Posted on: 11 October 2017

If you have a son who is now a teenager and you want to help them start to feel more like the young man that they are becoming, then you want to take them through a few right of passages that will introduce them to manhood while teaching them things they will need to know as young men. Here are some of the things you may want to do with them:

Teach them car maintenance

While your child may be on a schedule when it comes to learning how to drive, you can start teaching them about proper car maintenance as soon as you feel they are old enough to pick things up and help you work on a car safely. You can teach them certain things such as how to check all of the fluid levels and how to properly fill those fluids when they are low. You can also teach them how to change a tire and how to replace a battery.

Get them a bank account

You can start a bank account for your teen that will be their own account. They can use the account to put their allowance in it, or money they make from odd jobs they may do. They can also have limited control of their checkbook and debit card. You want to make sure you teach them how to properly manage their checking account and keep a close eye on things until you feel that they are ready to be in full control of the account.

Put them in charge of their own gift shopping

Now that your child is older, you can put them in control of doing their own shopping for other people's gifts. Whether you make them spend their own money on the gifts or choose to continue paying for the gifts is up to you. However, they will get a lot out of being the one who thinks through what they should buy to give others when the time comes around.

Take them to a real barbershop

You can take them to an actual barbershop that tends to cater to men. They can go there for a haircut and tell the barber just how they want their hair. If they are ready for that first shave, then they can also go through this right of passage at the barbershop as well. They will feel more like a man while they are sitting in the chair surrounded by other men.