3 Tips For Blending Clip-Ins With Thin Hair

Posted on: 30 October 2017

If you have thin hair and you want to make your hair look a little thicker and fuller, one way to achieve that is by using clip-in extensions. With clip-in extensions, the goal is to add them to your hair so that they blend in and look natural.

#1 Identify The Safe Zone

Every person has an area on their head that a hair dresser would identify as the safe zone, or the best place to put a clip-in extension. A safe zone is basically a space on your head where you can put the extension without others seeing or noticing it. The general place for the safe zone is below the level of your eyebrows. Anywhere on your head that falls below your eyebrows is a great place to put your extensions.

#2 Find A Solid Base

The first thing you need to worry about is finding a place where the clip-in extensions will be able to grip to your hair without sliding. You need a solid base for your clip-in extensions. You don't want your extensions to slide out or tug on your hair.

When you find the area where you want to clip your extension in, tease that section of your hair at the roots. You can tease your hair by brushing downward. This will create the texture necessary to clip the extension in.

Make sure that you find an area where your hair extension will not show. You don't want them peeking through your hair.

#3 Tease Your Top Hair

Your extensions are going to make your hair look fuller on the bottom, not on the top of your hair. The top of your hair is not going to look as thick as the bottom of your hair. To make the top of your hair look fuller and to make your clip-in blends more seamlessly, you are going to want to tease the hair at the top of your head near the crown as well. This will give that hair more texture and volume and make the hair at the crown of your head blend in and flow better with your extensions.

Finally, make sure when you purchase your clip-in extensions that you purchase extensions that are specially designed for thinner hair. These types of extensions will give your hair the length and volume you are looking for, while still looking natural. They are not as thick as other extensions, but they look great.