3 Salon Treatments That Will Simplify Your Daily Hair Routine

Posted on: 21 May 2018

With work, outings for your children, household errands, and seasonal fun, it may feel like your days are a whirlwind of endless activities. It is a smart idea to invest in hair salon treatments that minimize the amount of time that you have to spend each day styling or caring for your hair. Check out a few options that can help your hair look its best with as little effort as possible.

1. Hair Smoothing Treatments

Many women find that if they don't blow dry their hair, it is full of frizz and fuzz. Some even have to add the use of a straightening iron to their daily routine to keep hair smooth.

A hair smoothing treatment is an excellent option if you struggle with controlling your hair's frizz, especially during warm, humid months. It can help you achieve "wash and wear" hair that requires little in the way of daily styling.

The hair smoothing treatment may use a number of different substances to penetrate your hair so that it lays flat. Hair smoothing treatments vary dramatically with the ingredients that they use; some use more natural ingredients, such as oils, while others are keratin-based. Talk to your stylist to determine which treatment is best for your hair type.

You can expect the results from your hair smoothing treatment to last approximately two to four months. Some treatments also contain ingredients that can plump up fine or thin hair

2. Deep Conditioning Treatments

If you struggle with hair that feels dry or if you enjoy participating in activities that can strip moisture from your mane (such as swimming or spending a lot of time in the sun), deep conditioning treatments are a great way to put this moisture back. Hair with adequate moisture looks healthier and shinier, allowing you to cut down on the amount of hair product that you use, or the styling implements that you utilize.

There are a couple of common deep conditioning treatments. Protein-based deep conditioning treatments also strengthen the hair, decreasing breakage. Moisturizing deep conditioning treatments focus solely on adding moisture to your hair. Your hair type, daily activities, and budget will influence which type of treatment you need. 

How frequently you need deep conditioning treatments will largely depend on how damaged your hair currently is. Hair with a lot of damage requires more frequent treatments.

3. Hair Glazing Treatments

A hair glazing treatment coats the hair so that it appears shinier. It can replace some of your daily hair products. You can opt for just the glaze, or if you feel like your hair color needs a boost, you may request a colored glaze. The glaze does not remove color from your hair, and you can expect the results to last one to two weeks.

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