Why Freezing Away Your Unwanted Fat Could Be Better Than Liposuction Or Dieting

Posted on: 21 August 2018

Several cosmetic procedures can sculpt your body and give you the shape you desire. Whether you need to remove excess skin, tighten abdominal muscles, or remove fat, there's a treatment that can help. If you're dealing with unwanted fat that just won't go away even though you exercise and are near your ideal weight, then a procedure that freezes and eliminates the unwanted fat might be the right choice for you. Here's how it compares with other fat reducing methods.

Why Freezing Fat Could Be Better Than Liposuction

Liposuction can get rid of fat too, but it is a more intense procedure. For this, the doctor targets the unwanted fat and then sucks it out through a tube. You need anesthesia for liposuction as well as a small incision. You usually need several days for recovery.

Freezing works in an entirely different way. You don't need an anesthetic or incision. There is no surgery involved at all. Instead, the practitioner uses an instrument that delivers very cold temperatures to your body above the unwanted fat. You'll feel the cold temperature initially, but your skin will go numb after a few minutes.

The procedure is painless, and you can take a nap or read throughout the process. One of the best benefits of this fat freezing procedure is that you can go right back to work after having it done, and you can resume your normal activities as soon as you feel like it.

Why The Procedure Works Better Than Dieting

Dieting and exercise help you lose weight, but they don't always result in the body shape you want. You might have areas of unwanted fat on your back, abdomen, or under your chin that just won't go away. The procedure that freezes your fat away doesn't help with weight loss. Instead, its purpose is to sculpt your body shape. It's able to pinpoint precise areas of fat, which is impossible to do with dieting.

Also, dieting doesn't eliminate fat cells. Instead, it shrinks them so that they're smaller. Freezing the fat kills off fat cells. The cells are gradually absorbed by your body once the cold temperature has damaged them. This helps you maintain your shape even if your weight fluctuates a little. However, for the best results, you should be at your ideal weight and maintain that weight after the procedure.

The coolsculpting treatments can be applied to various parts of your body, and you may need multiple treatments to get the results you want. Talk to your dermatologist or another medical professional that provides the fat freezing procedure to see if it's right for you. Generally, you should have no excess skin and be at your ideal body weight, but the doctor will assess your body and determine if you're a good candidate.