Want To Be Really Pampered? A Few Extra Services At The Beauty Salon

Posted on: 2 November 2018

Whether you go to the beauty salon on a regular basis or only go once in a while, you should use the time to have some extra pampering done. Most places offer services you probably don't think about when you go in to get your hair cut or nails done. When you call to set up an appointment, you should ask what extra services they offer. If they are not sure what you mean, here are a few you may want to ask about and have done.

Facial Steaming

In the movies you often see people at a spa getting their nails done and a hot, steaming towel wrapped around their face. However, most people never think to ask for a facial steaming at a beauty salon. The treatment will open the pores and release dirt and impurities in the skin. You can ask to have essential oils added to the hot water to help with a sinus headache or to reduce puffiness. You will be surprised at how good a facial steaming feels.

Hand Massage

When the nail technician is done with your nails, ask them to give you a hand massage. This will relieve some stress and feels incredible. It doesn't take a lot of time, and the technician does not need to be a massage therapist. However, you use your hands a lot every day, and having them pampered a bit will make normal tasks less uncomfortable. Your hands and fingers won't get as tired so quickly. 

Foot Massage

If your job involves a lot of standing and/or walking, a foot massage can be a great way to end a day or a week. It can release all the tension in your feet and relax the muscles. You may find that you will sleep better when your feet have been pampered a bit. Be sure to ask for a foot bath with essential oils after the massage to release some of the toxins, too.

Most of the extra services mentioned above will not add too much to the total bill at a beauty salon. However, the way you feel after the extra pampering can give a boost to your confidence and morale that will last for at least a few days. Have your hair colored, get your nails done, and pamper yourself with some extras. When you take the time to realize you are worth it, so will everyone else. Contact a salon like Divine  Hair Design to learn more about their services.