Popular Hairstyles Of Today To Try Out

Posted on: 22 April 2019

For the most part, popular hairstyles come and go and sometimes come again. While a few may seem to go completely out of style, they can come back into popularity again with just a change or two being made to them. If you want to know what some of the popular hairstyles are that are in now, then this article can help. Here are some currently popular hairstyles you may want to consider for your next new look.

The short blunt hairstyle

The short blunt hairstyle is popular for a lot of reasons. However, one of the things that causes many to go for this hairstyle is for its ability to hide the fact that a person has thin hair. This style is a very short blunt cut that is styled to lie close to the head. This is what makes it great for concealing thinning hair. Many others just like the way the hairstyle looks because of the sleek and dramatic lines that also make it a nice style for all different face shapes. This cut can help a person portray a rough look, and it can also be great for helping someone look great wearing a flowery dress. This is a very versatile style that suits many people who enjoy trying various styles.

The short wavy bob hairstyle

Bob hairstyles went out of style temporarily, but they have since made a comeback. While the short wavy bob style is considered to be one style, there are a lot of variations that can be done to it. You can wear it with short bangs or long bangs. You can also wear it with a loose and wavy body, or you can have it be with tighter, bouncier waves. You can have the cut done where you have heavy bangs or light bangs, or you can have this style with no bangs at all. This style can look great when you are wearing a tank top and ripped jeans or even with a nice business suit.

Short hair pixie hairstyle

A very popular style that has maintained its popularity for a while now is the pixie hairstyle for short hair. One of the really nice things about this hairstyle is that it can work for those with thin hair and it can work just as well for those who have very thick hair. This hairstyle, although very short, can still be done in many varieties. It can be done in a style that is swept to one side of the head in a flattened style or made into thick spikes with gel. It can also be spikey in a more subtle way with a bit of hair pray. This hairstyle can also look great with tips that are a different color than the rest of the hair.

Talk to your hair stylist to figure out which of these popular hairstyles will look best on you.