The Secrets To Thriving In Beauty School

Posted on: 15 April 2021

Attending beauty school is an important first step in your career in cosmetology. But it's not enough to just show up and follow along every day. In beauty school, you need to really put in the effort in order to learn and grow. If you follow the tips below, you won't just survive beauty school — you'll thrive.

1. Spend time practicing outside of class

At most beauty schools, each class will have some designated practice time built into its schedule. But you will also be permitted to come to use the studio and other resources to practice on your own time. Some schools allow unlimited extra practice, and some put a cap on the extra hours you can spend. In either case, make sure you are showing up for some extra practice hours. This extra time can be the difference between learning the skills in class and truly mastering them — and your future clients will certainly appreciate the difference.

2. Study with friends

Talk to others in your classes. Make friends, and then make plans to study together. Every person has their own perspective on the techniques and information you'll be learning, and your study partners will offer thoughts and nuances you would not have thought of on your own. Plus, these connections you make in beauty school will serve you well later in your career. It's really helpful to have a professional network in the cosmetology field. 

3. Memorize the steps before your exams

When you take practical exams in beauty school, you will typically be graded not only on the final results but on the steps you follow to achieve them. You'll lose points if you do the steps out of order or skip them. So, while a lot of beauty school is about fostering your own creative process, this is one instance in which you really need to memorize the steps. Having the memorized steps to fall back on will help ensure you don't mess up when you're feeling a bit nervous going into your practical.

4. Review what you got wrong on early exams

Each time you take an exam, make sure you review whatever you get wrong. Those questions are likely to show up again, either on the final exam or on your National Board exam. Treat these early examinations as tools to show you what you still need to work on and study.

Beauty school can launch your career, but you have to provide a bit of that launch momentum yourself. With the tips above, you will do just that. Contact a company like Mitsu Sato Hair Academy to learn more about beauty school.