3 Reasons To Choose Professional Hair Coloring Over At-Home Coloring

Posted on: 24 June 2021

Hair color has various aesthetic and functional benefits. Adding hints of color to hair adds contrasting hues that reflect light and make the hair look more vibrant and appealing. The products used can also condition hair strands and tame frizz. To achieve the full benefits of hair coloring, it's advisable to go to a hair salon instead of using at-home products. Below are the benefits of professional hair coloring.

Quality and Gentle Chemicals

Store-bought hair coloring kits differ significantly from professional ones. At-home products offer a one-size-fits-all approach to coloring hair. Whether you want a dark brown or light blonde hue, you expect to achieve the result from one box. Also, the chemical agents used are strong, and they can leave your hair brittle and overprocessed.

Conversely, professional hair coloring involves the use of various shades to achieve the desired outcome. Your colorist will use more than one shade category to create the perfect shade. Furthermore, professional coloring products are formulated with less harsh chemical agents, making them gentle on the hair. 

Proper Coloring Techniques

At-home products give vague instructions that do little to protect your hair from damage. If you've never dyed hair before, you need to determine which parts and strands to color for a desirable look. If you've dyed your hair before, you need to protect previously dyed areas from coming into contact with the chemicals. Failure to do this causes overprocessing, which weakens and damages the hair.

Professional colorists have the qualifications required to color hair. They can dye individual strands or apply the product to the entire head. Colorists can even use various shades to create different hues in your hair. Since the professionals have more control over the mixing process, they can deliver better results. Colorists also know how to handle previously colored hair without making it brittle.

Consideration of Hair Properties

Two individuals with the same hair color may achieve varying results due to the different hair properties. Factors such as hair porosity, elasticity, density, and underlying hair conditions can affect the outcome of the coloring process. With at-home products, many individuals dye their hair without paying attention to these issues.

A professional colorist will consider hair-related factors during the process. For example, low-porosity hair doesn't process the products easily. Thus, you need to slightly vary the product mix and processing time to achieve the desired hue. Conversely, high-porosity hair accepts color quickly because of the open hair shaft. It processes faster and can easily get damaged. Therefore, without considering these factors, you can easily overprocess the strands.

Professional hair coloring delivers better results while improving hair shine and texture. Visit a reputable hair salon for coloring services.