3 Tips Before Getting Lip Augmentation

Posted on: 19 April 2022

Getting lip filler or any form of lip augmentation can really boost your self-confidence. Lip augmentation can make even the thinnest lips look plump and beautiful, help lips look younger and less wrinkled, and even correct lip asymmetry. The overall effect is that your face will look more appealing and you will feel more secure about your appearance. Here are three tips before you get lip augmentation for the first time:

Start With a Conservative Amount 

While you may be fantasizing about very full, dramatic lips, it's better to start with just a small amount of filler. While lip filler can be dissolved if you get too much, it's easier, less painful, and less expensive to start off with a conservative amount and then add a bit later if you would like your lips to be fuller.

Lip filler tends to leave the lips swollen for a couple of weeks, so be sure to let it completely settle before you decide how you feel about it. What might look too obvious for a week or two will look more subtle and naturally gorgeous once your lips heal.

Know How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Lip filler is a quick, easy appointment, but there are a few things you can do to prepare. Your doctor will likely have pre- and after-care instructions for you, so be sure to follow them.

It's important to avoid anti-inflammatory pain medication in the days leading up to your lip filler as this can thin your blood and lead to swelling and bruising. You will also want to ice your lips after your appointment to help the swelling go down. Be sure to time your appointment at a time when you don't have any major events or travel coming up for a week or two, to allow time for your lips to fully heal and settle.

Choose the Right Doctor

The most important tip is to choose an experienced doctor who has a portfolio of work you like. Some doctors specialize in more dramatic lip filler, while others take a more natural approach, so pay special attention to the photos on their website. You should also choose a doctor who is skilled at analyzing your overall facial harmony and will plan your filler to be as flattering as possible.

Following these tips will help ensure you are happy with your lip augmentation and don't have any regrets. Start with a consultation with an experienced cosmetic nurse or doctor and go from there.